2014 GenCon Indy & 1906 Expo Milan

1505064_664939766890718_1370534260_nLooking forward to what we have in store for this year’s GenCon? Consider this the teaser poster for the Brass & Steel 40-person LARP for Saturday night of Gen Con Indy 2014. It will take place at the gala celebrating the opening of Expo Milan 1906.

Looking ahead to GenCon 2014

It is already that time of year again. Time to submit event proposals for GenCon 2014. It’s a very exciting time for us to brainstorm what sorts of adventures to bring to the preeminent gaming convention in the world.

This year we have decided to put out a call for requests. We’ve already brainstormed the concept for the big 40-person Saturday night LARP but we have a number of tabletop slots to fill. If there is a place, a topic, a theme, or anything that you have been dying to see get covered in a Brass & Steel convention scenario, speak now and over the next week. We will be submitting our events by the end of the month, so don’t delay.

On a similar note, if you have a serious proposal for a game that *you* would like to run at GenCon under the aegis of Pamean Games, please do contact us privately with your proposal. For those who wish to play Brass & Steel at GenCon, now is your chance to make a request. We can’t promise that every request will be honored but we will do our best to incorporate them into our scenarios.

Midwinter Gaming Convention 2014

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Join us at Gamehole Con

Four sessions of Brass & Steel will be running at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI this weekend. Two on Friday, Nov 1 at 1:00 and two on Sunday, Nov 3 at 1:00. Join us! … [Continue reading]

Brass & Steel at Geek.Kon


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Home from GenCon

All of the Pamean Games crew is safely returned from GenCon.  It was a great convention and we all had a fabulous time.  One of us will post a more comprehensive diary entry as a sort of after-action review, but that won't be me, tonight.  Suffice to … [Continue reading]