Dramatis personæ for “The Sea, Like Glass”

Reginald – Wealthy British Businessman

Sally – American Socialite  

Abigail – Elderly Sleuth (Reserved)

Yun – Chinese Explorer

Cecily – English Journalist

Sir Henry – British Colonial Administrator  (Reserved)

Gabryell – English Pilgrim

Isabeau – French Spiritualist  (Reserved)

Dragut – Barbary Corsair (Reserved)

Sigrid – Norwegian Arctic Explorer

Horatio – Retired Sea Captain

The Duke – Wanderer and Social Butterfly

Kokovoko – Tattooed Mariner

Halfdan – Norwegian Sailor

Ferdinand – Portuguese Nobleman and Explorer

Isambard – British Engineer and Inventor

Lizzie – Artist’s Model and Socialite

Imogen – Pretty Young British Lucid Dreamer (Reserved)

Dakkar – Indian Scientific Arcanist and Natural Philosopher

Sophia – Weather-beaten Spanish Fisherwoman

Updates coming

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This space has been silent for a while. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we will soon have more updates on GenCon events, character lists, and tidbits about products we’re working on. So, please stick with us and we’ll have more to look at soon.

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