“Though I Float O’er the Shadowed Earth” Character List (GenCon 2015)

Dramatis Personæ

Minerva Rathbone, Mayor of Casablanca (Reserved)

Regina Perkins, Minerva’s Right Hand (Reserved)

Regina is the quiet but fiercely competent personal assistant/ bodyguard of Minerva Rathbone. And yes, before you ask, there have been several erotic cartoons featuring the two of them. Best not speak of it to her though. A supporting role.

Pàdraig Mac Íomhair, Chief Engineer of Casablanca (Reserved)

He is the engineering genius who led the design and construction of the floating city.

Jordan Barsavage, The Captain of Casablanca (Reserved)

In addition to his formal duties, which do include overseeing the city’s flight, he has a number of ceremonial responsibilities, and is as much a politician as a flight crew officer. [Continue reading]

Character List for “Betrayal, Madness, Regret” at GenCon 2015

Dramatis Personae

Humphrey van AllenMale, mid-50s, American

He is the architect who assisted Augustus Endicott during the two-decade-long eccentric expansion of his mansion.

Maighréad MacCrumb  – Female, mid-30s, Scottish

Augustus’ groundskeeper for the last decade. Took over from her father.

Ayita (Endicott)Female, early-40s, Anglo-Cherokee

She appeared out of nowhere with documents purporting to prove she is the daughter of Augustus Endicott. [Continue reading]

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Brass & Steel at Midwinter Gaming Convention 2015


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Characters for the Royal Earlswood Hospital LARP


As with the Expo Milan LARP, reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Please submit requests on our Facebook page or by email at info@pameangames.com … [Continue reading]