Brass & Steel at Midwinter Gaming Convention 2015

Join us at the 2015 Midwinter Gaming Con in January where we’ll be running both tabletop and LARP Brass & Steel adventures. More information about the event and how to purchase tickets can be found on our Events page

midwint15_webBetrayal, Madness, and Regret
The Last Will and Testament of Augustus Bradford Endicott
Saturday, 17 January 7:00-Midnight
A Brass & Steel LARP for twelve to twenty players, by Greg Kveberg and Ken Vinson

A chill January wind blows through the streets of Dedham, Massachusetts as the Hotaether limousines begin arriving at the sprawling Queen Anne-style mansion of the late Augustus Bradford Endicott. The recently deceased Mr. Endicott was a towering figure in the American armaments industry in the closing years of the The Great Indian Wars. His company, Endicott Ironworks, provided the state-of-the-art arcano-industrial weapons which were crucial to the ultimate victory of General Robert E. Lee in his final campaign against the Triple Alliance of the Cherokee, Creek, and Iroquois tribes. That final brutal and bloody campaign ended the decades-long war in 1865 with the Treaty of Fort Defiance, which set the border between the U.S. and the Indian Nations at the Mississippi River. [Continue reading]

Pamean Games GenCon 2014 Roundup

Hello everyone!  This is Ken, one of the designers at Pamean Games.  Now that I’ve had a couple of days to catch up on sleep and think about GenCon, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about this year’s convention, both about Brass & Steel and my con experience in general.

The Good

Our Players

We continue to be some of the luckiest GMs around when it comes to our players.  This is our fourth year running Brass & Steel at GenCon and this year we had a lovely mix of Brass & Steel veterans and newbies. Having some veterans who are familiar with the game makes the events run that much smoother.  Plus, we are very happy to have “repeat customers” turn into friends, even if we only see those friends once per year at the con. [Continue reading]

Characters for the Royal Earlswood Hospital LARP


As with the Expo Milan LARP, reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Please submit requests on our Facebook page or by email at … [Continue reading]

Expo Milan 1906 Character List

Here is the character list for the Saturday Brass & Steel LARP.  Character reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  We will regularly update this list to reflect reservations.  Reservation requests can be made via our … [Continue reading]

2014 GenCon Indy & 1906 Expo Milan


Looking forward to what we have in store for this year's GenCon? Consider this the teaser poster for the Brass & Steel 40-person LARP for Saturday night of Gen Con Indy 2014. It will take place at the gala celebrating the opening of Expo Milan … [Continue reading]

Looking ahead to GenCon 2014

It is already that time of year again. Time to submit event proposals for GenCon 2014. It's a very exciting time for us to brainstorm what sorts of adventures to bring to the preeminent gaming convention in the world. This year we have decided to … [Continue reading]