Character List for “Betrayal, Madness, Regret”


Betrayal, Madness & Regret

Dramatis Personae

Humphrey van AllenMale, mid-50s, American

He is the architect who assisted Augustus Endicott during the two-decade-long eccentric expansion of his mansion.

Maighréad MacCrumb  – Female, mid-30s, Scottish  (Reserved)

Augustus’ groundskeeper for the last decade. Took over from her father.

Ayita (Endicott)Female, early-40s, Anglo-Cherokee  (Reserved)

She appeared out of nowhere with documents purporting to prove she is the daughter of Augustus Endicott.

Elizabeth Blanche Endicott YoungFemale, early-50s, American

Eldest legitimate child of Augustus. A hard-driving businesswoman, she is a VP in Endicott Armaments.

Henry Bradford EndicottMale, late-40s, American  (Reserved)

Second child of Augustus Endicott. Unambitious dilettante.

Phillip Endicott YoungMale, early-20s, American (Reserved)

Eldest grandchild of Augustus Endicott, son of Elizabeth Blanche. Spent a lot of time with Augustus during his teens. Studies Engineering at MIT.

Peter Willis Endicott - Male, mid-60s, American  (Reserved)

The younger brother of Augustus Endicott. Stern and disapproving…of just about anyone or anything.

Iris Octavia EndicottFemale, mid-50s, American

The youngest sibling of Augustus. She has lived a wild and adventurous life as a minor theater producer, spending a great deal of time in Europe.  She is a carefree bon vivant.

Redfield ProctorMale, early-70s, American

The former U.S. Secretary of War and an old friend of Augustus.  He and Augustus had a falling out and haven’t spoken for years.

Cornelius HarshalderMale, late-50s, American

The chairman of Endicott’s holding company, responsible for the success of Endicott’s various companies over the last twenty years.  Wrestled control of the corporation away from Augustus in a shareholder revolt.

Meara O’KeefeFemale, mid-30s, Irish

A sergeant in the Dedham, Massachusetts police department.

Ernest Arthur MarkhamMale, early-50s, American  (Reserved)

The CEO of Volcanic Repeating Arms, a rival to Endicott Armaments.

Charity EvansFemale, mid-40s, American  (Reserved)

Professor of Applied Physics at MIT and part-time weapons designer for the Endicott Armaments Corporation.

Antonio MartinkaMale, mid-40s, German  (Reserved)

He is the proprietor of the notorious, and eponymous, magic shop in New York City.  He is a famous spiritualist and magician.

Penelope Frances Endicott - Female, early-30s, American (Reserved)

Augustus’s third and last wife.

Abigail PowersFemale, mid-40s, American  (Reserved)

Personal physician to the late Augustus Endicott and several other prominent Boston “Brahmin” families.

Roderick BurnsMale, mid-40s, American  (Reserved)

A notorious Alienist who treats the mental and emotional disorders of wealthy patrons using mesmerism and psychoanalysis.

Horace WilkinsMale, mid-40s, American (Reserved)

The eternally disgruntled neighbor of Augustus Endicott.

Enrico CarusoMale, mid-30s, Italian

World famous tenor. Currently engaged with the New York City Metropolitan Opera.

Earnest EarlsbyMale, early-60s, American

The mayor of Dedham Massachusetts. Amateur occultist and professional conspiracy theorist.

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midwint15_webBetrayal, Madness, and Regret
The Last Will and Testament of Augustus Bradford Endicott
Saturday, 17 January 7:00-Midnight
A Brass & Steel LARP for twelve to twenty players, by Greg Kveberg and Ken Vinson

A chill January wind blows through the streets of Dedham, Massachusetts as the Hotaether limousines begin arriving at the sprawling Queen Anne-style mansion of the late Augustus Bradford Endicott. The recently deceased Mr. Endicott was a towering figure in the American armaments industry in the closing years of the The Great Indian Wars. His company, Endicott Ironworks, provided the state-of-the-art arcano-industrial weapons which were crucial to the ultimate victory of General Robert E. Lee in his final campaign against the Triple Alliance of the Cherokee, Creek, and Iroquois tribes. That final brutal and bloody campaign ended the decades-long war in 1865 with the Treaty of Fort Defiance, which set the border between the U.S. and the Indian Nations at the Mississippi River. [Continue reading]

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