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On This Day – 26 April 1906

The London Times - Strange occurrences were reported today near the island of Iceland. A new island may be rising from the sea to the southeast of Iceland. Reports from Reykjavik suggest that fishermen have been complaining of odd currents and failures in electrical devices or navigational … [Read more...]

“Mallet” for the masses

Just shy of 4,000 copies of "The Case of the Croquet Mallet" quickstart and adventure book have been downloaded in the past few days as part of DriveThruRPG's Tabletop Day bundle. It is only mildly ironic that the adventure in the quickstart is, in fact, a LARP. That's okay because in the not too … [Read more...]

On This Day – 17 April 1906

Icelandic Weekly Ísafold Reports Strange Events at Sea Several fishermen from the village of Sveitarfelagio report odd events at sea. The captains of a number of small fishing vessels report odd currents and smells in their usual fishing grounds southeast of the island.  One larger vessel, the … [Read more...]