On This Day – 26 April 1906

iceland_otd2The London Times – Strange occurrences were reported today near the island of Iceland. A new island may be rising from the sea to the southeast of Iceland. Reports from Reykjavik suggest that fishermen have been complaining of odd currents and failures in electrical devices or navigational instruments. Villages all along the coast have reportedly seen plumes of thick black smoke rising from the sea some ten to fifteen nautical miles off the coast. The smoke is reported to be interacting strangely with the Aurora Borealis, and to appear to shimmer and shift in color as it is observed. The noted volcanologist Thaddeus R. McElroy, of the Royal Geological Society, observed that such events have been observed before, and added that the relative quiet associated with the eruptions was likely a good sign, as it indicated that more violent volcanic activity in the region was quite unlikely.