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“Fire in the Long Night” Character List

Event Summary Journey aboard the SS Ariadne, a marvelous private airship owned by Thomas Edison, to investigate a strange new volcano erupting off the coast of Iceland. Arcane mysteries and secret plots abound. A new volcano has just begun to erupt off the coast of Iceland. Initial reports from … [Read more...]

Character List for “The Beaumont Peace Conference”

Event Summary Six months ago a squad of Texas Rangers discovered an Aztec invasion force on the western Texas frontier and escaped to get word to Austin. Given time to mobilize, the military of the Republic of Texas has held the Aztecs at the River Pecos. The conflict has stalled and the … [Read more...]

“The Curse of Althan-Ya” to be released at GenCon

Ancient sorcery! Combat archaeology! Steampunk gyrocoptors! The characters are recruited into a dangerous race against a dastardly Austrian archaeologist to find the lost tomb of the legendary Akkadian sorceress Althan-Ya.  Plunge into the narrow streets and teeming markets of 1905 Cairo.  Visit … [Read more...]