“The Curse of Althan-Ya” to be released at GenCon


Ancient sorcery! Combat archaeology! Steampunk gyrocoptors!

The characters are recruited into a dangerous race against a dastardly Austrian archaeologist to find the lost tomb of the legendary Akkadian sorceress Althan-Ya.  Plunge into the narrow streets and teeming markets of 1905 Cairo.  Visit the fabulous Great Ziggurat of Giza.  Travel across a scorching desert to face ancient cults and more modern perils.  Fight to secure the tomb’s secrets for the greater glory of the British Empire!

The Curse of Althan-Ya is a full-length adventure for Brass & Steel: A Game of Steampunk Adventure.  It can be played as a stand-alone scenario with pre-generated characters or integrated into an ongoing campaign.  The scenario is appropriate for characters of all experience levels.