Character List for “The Beaumont Peace Conference”

Event Summary


Six months ago a squad of Texas Rangers discovered an Aztec invasion force on the western Texas frontier and escaped to get word to Austin. Given time to mobilize, the military of the Republic of Texas has held the Aztecs at the River Pecos. The conflict has stalled and the British government has offered to mediate a conference to end the hostilities. A rich and well-connected rancher turned oilman, William P.H. McFaddin, has arranged to host the conference at his beautiful new Beaux-Arts mansion in Beaumont. It is the evening of the second day of the conference and, with little progress made, McFaddin has insisted on a formal ball to lighten the mood and ostensibly put the delegates at ease in a social situation. Tonight is the night the peace will be brokered, or not. Bring your copy of “The Prince” and help determine the course of Brass & Steel history!

William P.H. McFaddin – The Host, Texan Oilman (Reserved)
Louisa McFaddin – The Host’s Daughter, Mechanical Genius (Reserved for K. Beres)
Samuel W. T. Lanham – The President of Texas  (Reserved for J. McConville)
Horace Chilton – Lead Negotiator for Texas
Reginald Tower – British Ambassador in Texas (Reserved for J. Soper)
George, Baron Curzon of Kedleston – Mediator, Special Envoy of the Queen (Reserved)
Captain Sir Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon – British Airship Captain
Powell Clayton – U.S. Ambassador to Texas
Captain William Sims – American Airship Captain (Reserved for F. Beres)
Major Roscoe H. Channing – Military Technologist (Reserved for B. Pierce)
Ranger Captain Ira Aten – Veteran Texas Ranger (Reserved for G. Hostetler)
Nochtli -Aztec Nobleman, Lead Negotiator
Ichtaca – Aztec High Priest of Huitzilopochtli
Wer-Yoh-Ti Parker – Delegate from the Comanche (Reserved)
Ulrich Graf von Brockdorff-Rantzau – Oberver from the German Empire (Reserved for J. Soper)
Prince Lev Vladimirovich Urusov – Oberver from the Russian Empire
Lewis Nixon – Airship Architect  (Reserved)
Ida Minerva Tarbell – Investigative Journalist (Reserved for J. Hough)
Henry H. Rogers – Wealthy Businessman
Rosalie Duchamp – Creole Arcanist and Card Sharp (Reserved for H. Pollitt)