“Fire in the Long Night” Character List

Event Summary

Journey aboard the SS Ariadne, a marvelous private airship owned by Thomas Edison, to investigate a strange new volcano erupting off the coast of Iceland. Arcane mysteries and secret plots abound. A new volcano has just begun to erupt off the coast of Iceland. Initial reports from the site suggest that strange manifestations of arcane power have been accompanying the eruption. You’ll be one of a group of select guests and crew on board the SS Ariadne, a marvelous private airship owned by Thomas Edison, and under orders to investigate. The famous Mr. Edison has invited a collection of the most interesting people in the world to come view the marvelous and strange volcanic activity. Agents of great powers and secret societies will plot and scheme, while joining an array of media figures, scientists, and eccentrics in admiring the anomaly and in savoring the luxuries and delights to be found on board Mr. Edison’s most unusual airship.

Crew and Entertainers
Florence Drummond – Chief Steward of Edison’s luxury airship. Responsible for keeping the passengers happy. (Reserved)
Frederick Davenport – Junior Steward who is not quite what he appears.
Xochitl – Exotic Aztec dancer, along as part of the entertainment
Salvatore “Sal” Cassano – Photographer hired to document the journey, with a side interest in aura photography. (Reserved)
Valentina Alexeevna Malinovskaia – A famous, edgy young poet from St. Petersburg (Reserved)
Claude Chambert – A famous French composer of modern orchestral music, influenced by Italian futurism.
Enrico Caruso – A famous opera divo, with all the ego and drama you would expect to go along with that. (Reserved)
Ada Giachetti – The long-suffering manager, voice coach, and former lover of the famous tenor, Enrico Caruso. (Reserved)
Carlo Manzetti – a famous stage magician and illusionist. Part of the entertainment.

Diplomats and Spies (there is a thin line, indeed, between the two on this voyage.)
Cpt. William A. Moffett – U.S. Airship Service officer on board as an observer. (Reserved)
The Hon. Margaret Choate – Daughter of a prominent Boston Brahmin family and rising star at the U.S. Department of State (Reserved)
Captain Dame Elizabeth Marie Spencer Bacon – British Airship Captain, on the voyage as a representative of the Royal Navy. (Reserved)
Capt Arthur Hughes-Remington – dashing independent airship captain. (Reserved)
Xiao Jun, a diplomat and envoy from the Manchu Empire.
Wei Min, a second envoy, with technical skills, from the Manchu Empire.
Ichtaca – An Aztec Priest of Huitzilopochtli. He is the Aztec Emperor’s personal representative.
Cozamalotl – Aztec noblewoman and industrialist. Reputed to own the Imperial Airship Works.
Ulrich Graf (Count) von Brockdorff-Rantzau – A representative of the German government. (Reserved)
Princess Ekaterina Ivanovna Obolensky – Russian princess and representative of the Tsar (Reserved for Heather Pollitt)
Hugh B. Wanamaker – An agent of Nikola Tesla.

High Society
Margaret Brown – American socialite, philanthropist, and activist. Also known as “Molly” but not yet “unsinkable.” (Reserved for L. Carhart)
Thomas Alva Edison – American inventor and businessman. This is his airship and he is the host. (Reserved)
William Leslie Edison – The semi-estranged son of Thomas Edison, and a veteran of the Spanish-American War in Cuba. (Reserved for Benjamin Pierce)
Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV – The young Maharaja of Mysore.
Ergun Yalcin – Eldest son of the Turkish mafia boss in Constantinople. On his honeymoon.
Aysu Bahar – Deadly assassin, semi-retired. On her honeymoon. (Reserved for Z. Gibson)
Karl Rudolf Ferdinand Andreas, Prince Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau – Austro-Hungarian nobleman and reputed genius-scientist.
Calouste Gulbenkian – Up and coming Turko-British-Armenian oil financier
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt – Very rich American.
Ellen “Elsie” French Vanderbilt – The other very rich American’s wife; descended from New York high society. (Reserved)
Francesca Droghi – Italian shipping magnate and adventurer. (Reserved for Karen Beres)
Eddie Cook – A famous explorer and tomb raider. (Reserved for D. Sarama)

The Scientists
Klaudia Schoner – Eminent German volcanologist. (Reserved)
Henri Becquerel, Nobel Laureate – French arcano-physicist, winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics.

Hans Ebbers, A survivor of the failed German airship expedition to the volcanic island.
Roberta Weaver – British self-taught collectivist anarchist. A Golden Ticket holder. (Reserved for J. Beyer)
Joseph Davis – Indiana curmudgeon and farmer. A Golden Ticket holder.
Cpt. Ira Aten – hero of the Texas Rangers, recently retired. (Reserved J. Osborne)
Lt. Col. Roscoe H. Channing – U.S. Army Special Weapons Engineer and friend to Cpt Aten. (Reserved J. Young)
Eugene Warrington – A British high society journalist. (Reserved for Frank Beres)
Ulrike Auerbach – A German high society journalist.

The Arcanists
Vijay Ram Singh – Lesser member of the royal family of Jodhpur, India, Theosophist and Arcanist
Nikaama – Mysterious Arcanist and Theosophist, ethereal and strange.
Phoebe Stavridis – Senior Arcanist from the Alexandria-based ancient Society of Valentinius and an expert in dimensional arcana. (Reserved)
Savvas Theodorakis – Younger member of the Society of Valentinius. A capable arcanist in his own right, but also Phoebe’s guardian.