Dispatch from “Fire in the Long Night”

The following was written by player Frank Beres as a dispatch from the point of view of his journalist character in the upcoming “Fire in the Long Night” event at GenCon.


“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve upon his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” – Samuel Johnson

I am hard put to think of any country that could offer a measure of betterment to England, dear readers, least of all the Americas where respect for society and civility oft gives way to a misguided sense of independence and willful free-thinking, nor the hinterlands of Iceland where I am to view a volcanic curiosity of interest to the rather remarkable Thomas Edison, on board his latest marvel the SS Ariadne. Yet it is often the fancy of high society to seek and marvel at those rare wonders of the world the more pragmatic might wish to keep at arm’s length. And so, in service to King and Country, I shall marvel with them and faithfully report on the doings of the well-to-do for your digestion, dear reader, so that you might learn to better enjoy the solid comforts of England.

My journey, on board the altogether solid British airship HMS Partisan has left he ample time to digest the list of guests and I must confess to a measure of anticipation, for on board shall be a collection of some of the most penned-about note-worthies of our day. I shall be rubbing elbows with Russian poets and princesses, Austrian and German Scientists, Italian Opera Divos and Magnates, French Composers, Manchu envoys, Aztec nobles and high priests, the ubiquitous Americans of great wealth and adventurous leanings, and of course reputable captains and citizens of the Empire of prestige and presence.

Hang onto your hats, dear readers, for I know not where this tale will take us, but I shall pen it for you all the same. I shall not rest until I have penned for you all the latest fashions and foibles of the upper crust, and I shall as ever leave no stone unturned in my unceasing effort to enlighten and entertain you with the tales of the story-makers behind the great stories of our day.


Eugene Warrington

Columnist, London Examiner