Brass & Steel GenCon Diary Part One

Part 1: The pre-show jitters

We are five days out from GenCon and this is the point where the butterflies are vying with the excitement for precedence in my subconscious.  This is our third year running Brass & Steel events at GenCon and our second year as a “premier event group.”  We had a blast in the first two years and we’ve been so gratified by the enthusiastic reception to our events and Brass & Steel.  We’ve been lucky to have a bunch of fabulous roleplayers bring our characters and plots to life.

Greg and I have just finished tweaking the goals and contacts for the 40+ characters in “Fire in the Long Night.”  If it seems a bit late for that, well for one we are procrastinators and two, we always want to go over the list one more time to make sure each character has enough to do, enough hooks to keep them involved and busy for five hours of live-action gaming.  We’ve got two LARPs this year and that is a total of sixty characters we’ve created.  Sixty characters means at least 180 individualized character goals and more than 240 “Who you know” character connections.  It’s a great deal of work (don’t even think about the Venn diagrams for these events) but when we see everything we’ve set up start to unfold in the hands of our players, all the hours spent seem a small price indeed.

I haven’t even mentioned our five tabletop sessions yet.  A much more intimate affair than the big LARPs, but just as fun to run.

Thank you, players past and new players this year, for helping make Brass & Steel a huge success at GenCon.  See you next week!