Brass & Steel GenCon Diary Part Two

So, here we are already on Friday night and halfway through GenCon.  It’s been a busy couple days but I’ll sum up.


On Thursday Greg ran his “Secrets of El-Kharga” tabletop scenario, where agents of the British Crown mixed tomb-raiding and combat epidemiology.

Also on Thursday I ran our 20-person LARP, “The Beaumont Peace Conference” with GM’ing assistance from Demetrios Piliouras and Scott Weber.  This was our first attempt at a diplomacy-heavy live-action event and it went amazingly well.  We had a fabulous bunch of players and their efforts and the results of the event will be integrated into the official setting material for Brass & Steel.

Today we ran four tabletops.  Demetrios ran “Rise of the Silver Star,” wherein Aleister Crowley hires a group of ne’er -do-wells to travel to Cologne, Germany and steal holy relics from the famous cathedral and kidnap a certain famous physicist.  Greg ran “Nacht Im Berlin,” in which a group of Berlin police are sucked into a diplomatic scandal with international implications.  Scott Weber ran “The Camden Street Anomaly,” a scenario set in London in which denizens of a neighborhood must band together to solve the mystery of why so many of their neighbors are acting so strangely.  Finally, I ran “The Clockwork Defector,” in which two rival groups of British spies must cooperate to hide a defecting German scientist in Constantinople while being pursued dangerous agents of the Kaiser.

All of our events have gone very well so far and we very much look forward to the big 40-player LARP tomorrow night titled “Fire in the Long Night.”  We’ll report back with news from that event on Sunday.