Midwinter Gaming Convention 2014

Below are the scenario descriptions for our events at the upcoming Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, WI. We hope to see some of you there.

Circle of the Silver Crescent
A Brass & Steel Scenario for six players (Friday Afternoon)
For centuries the Circle of the Silver Crescent has guarded the faithful of Istanbul against sorcerous abomination. Whenever vile arcanism reared its ugly head, the Circle promptly lopped it off. In the decades following the British occupation, your order has taken on a more Turkish nationalist flavor. You oppose the infidel British from the shadows but your particular cell hasn’t forsaken your old purpose and you still fight the influx of foreign arcanists. Your cell leader has received word that an old enemy has returned to the city. Your task is to hunt him down and exact your revenge.

The Rat King’s Revenge
A Brass & Steel Scenario for six players (Friday Afternoon)
The Rat King, one of London’s strangest beggars, saw three well-dressed gentlemen accost Cat Hollis in an alley. The police won’t listen to the likes of you, and couldn’t care less about the life of a young streetwalker. If there’s going to be any justice for Cat, it’s up to you to provide it. You will find ways to use your odd but considerable talents to find Cat’s attackers, rescue her if you can, and then bring them to justice, however you choose. You’re the wretched and lowly of the earth, but a few posh gentlemen are about to discover that even gutter rats have teeth. Of course, it might help if you also had allies or weapons. Being able to go out on the streets without making little children run away in terror would be nice, too, but you can’t have everything.

Escape from Magadan
A Brass & Steel Scenario for six players (Friday Evening)
You’ve been captured and tried by the Russian Empire’s dreaded Third Section. You’ve been sentenced to decades of hard labor, and have been languishing in the Peter and Paul fortress. Now, you’re being moved. Rumor has it that you’ll be sent to Magadan, in the frozen reaches of the Russian Far East. That camp has a foul reputation. If you’re to survive, you’ll need to find a way to work together with the other outcasts and prisoners who will share your prison railcar. You’ll spend several days rolling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, and you’d better find a way to escape before you reach the camp, and a short, grim life spent digging Alchemical Salts from the frozen earth.

The Bosporus Six
A Brass & Steel Scenario for six players (Friday Evening)
Some would call you thieves and scoundrels, vagabonds and confidence artists, but to you it’s just a living. Your home is Constantinople, Queen of Cities, and the capital of the British Near East Provinces. You have been called together by the notorious information broker, Beshir Agha, to steal an object of great value and antiquity. More than that, the message did not say but the remuneration mentioned caught your attention. Most of you have not worked together before, so trust no one. The ancient city of Constantine keeps many secrets and always demands payment in blood.