Characters for the Royal Earlswood Hospital LARP


As with the Expo Milan LARP, reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Please submit requests on our Facebook page or by email at

Julie Marsh – Ward Nurse, do-gooder, and young medical practitioner (Reserved)

Stephen Loomis – Conniving orderly who may well be up to no good

Lucy Rollins – Young, tough, feisty orderly from the East End

Joshua – Ward janitor and man of mystery.

Gordon Hawkins – shell-shocked Boer war veteran (Reserved)

Veronica Wilberforce – renegade daughter of a family of Calvinists (Reserved)

Clement Varling – Middle-aged stage actor, suffering from a wee nervous breakdown (Reserved)

Penelope Halstead – Mostly lucid dreamer (Reserved)

Arthur Chesterfield – Arcanist, gentleman, and Lover of Furniture

Jennifer McMillan – Scotland Yard detective recovering from a breakdown (Reserved)

Allison Isherwood – Mathematical genius with a few OCD issues (Reserved)

Caroline Endicot – Wealthy young woman with a few secrets (Reserved)

David Runtler – Businessman recovering from… let’s say stress

Patricia Angle – Disreputable kleptomaniac grandmother

“Arthur Hughes-Remington” – delusional “airship captain” (Reserved)

Helena Falconer – Young daydreamer, hidden away by her family (Reserved)

George Hampton – Businessman shattered by a divorce and financial scandal

Xorander Xor III – Probably not actually the emperor of Mars (Reserved)

Walter Merchant – Edgy and provocative writer, here recovering from a wee opium problem (Reserved)

Jonathon Sadler – Socialist revolutionary, declared insane by his industrialist father (Reserved)