Expo Milan 1906 Character List


Here is the character list for the Saturday Brass & Steel LARP.  Character reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  We will regularly update this list to reflect reservations.  Reservation requests can be made via our Facebook page or by emailing info@pameangames.com





Otto Hans Adolf Gross, Freelance Subconscious Integrity Consultant (Reserved)

Choose this character if you want to play a Lucid Dreamer with crazy counter-culture notions about free love and deep psychology.  He’s here to have fun and shock the stuffy establishment.

Xochitl, Exotic Aztec Dancer (Reserved)

Xochitl was recruited to play a part in the terribly inauthentic “Aztec Village” exhibit at the Expo. Choose this character if you want to play an entertainer with a secret agenda.

Enrico Caruso, Famous Opera Tenor

A famous opera divo, with all the ego and drama you would expect to go along with that.  For all that, his star is fading.  Choose this character to recapture the limelight!

Ada Giachetti, Famous Opera Diva (Reserved)

Former manager and lover of Enrico Caruso, she has broken free of him and rekindled her career.  Choose Ada to let your inner diva shine!

Carlo Manzetti, Famous Stage magician and illusionist (Reserved)

Choose Carlo if you’d like to portray a scheming showman with a bit of talent at lucid dreaming.

The Hon. Margaret Choate, United States Diplomat

Daughter of a prominent Boston Brahmin family and rising star at the U.S. Department of State. Choose this character to put America on equal diplomatic footing with the Great Powers.

Cozamalotl, Aztec Noblewoman and Industrialist

A thing unheard of until recently in the traditionally patriarchal Empire of Aztlan.  She didn’t claw her way to the top without leaving a trail of bodies.  Choose this character to scheme and intimidate your way to dominance.

Ulrich Graf von Brockdorff-Rantzau, German Diplomat

The Kingdom of Italy can be compelled to join the League of the Three Emperors. Choose this character to make it happen by hook or by crook.

Karl, Prince Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau, Czech Diplomat and Scientist (Reserved)

Bohemian nobleman, expert equestrian and reputed genius-scientist. Choose this character if you’d like to have lots of irons in the fire, so to speak.

Eddie Cook, Famous American Explorer (some say tomb raider) (Reserved)

Eddie Cook has been all over the Near East over the last few years conducting “archaeological digs” for his mysterious patron.  Legitimate archaeologists consider him the proverbial “bull in a china shop.” Choose Eddie if you’d like to have some fun, sell a few trinkets and discover the identity of your mysterious patron.

Captain Ira Aten, Heroic Texas Ranger turned Diplomat (Reserved)

Louisa McFaddin, Airship Engineering Savant (Reserved)

Karl Brandau, German Civil Engineer

Co-owner of the Hamburg engineering company Brandt & Brandau, builders of the Simplon Tunnel, the completion of which was the impetus for this exposition. Choose this character to celebrate your company’s success and suppress those pesky labor activists.

His Royal Highness Luís Filipe,The Prince Royal, Duke of Braganza

Eldest son and heir of King Carlos I of Portugal. He is here to represent his father in any negotiations that may take place.  Choose this character to play the diplomatic game.

Pachacutec, Inka Governor of Qulla Suyo

A member of the ruling elite of the decadent Inka Empire. Having acquired a reputation as a reformer, he has traveled to Milan to seek industrial investment for his undeveloped province. Choose this character to wheel and deal with the European movers and shakers.

Nicolas Renaud, Québécois Lucid Dreamer

Monsieur Renaud has been invited to the Exposition to display his talent for Mesmerism and Illusion.  He intends to do rather more than that. Choose this character to dazzle and confuse your adversaries.

Archia L. Ross, African-American Artificer (Reserved)

A mechanical prodigy straight from the labs of Thomas Edison.  Striking out on her own, she has developed a new line of sophisticated clockwork automatons.

George, Baron Curzon of Kedleston, British Diplomat

The former Viceroy of India, now a private citizen turned special envoy for HM Queen Victoria. The Italians are threatening to bolt from their alliance with Britain and France and turn to the damned Germans. Choose this character to play your own little “game of thrones.”

Minerva Rathbone, Fantastically Wealthy Utopian Visionary (Reserved)

Ms. Rathbone has, shall we say, anti-statist views.  She has no use for governments, least of all her own, and is using her vast wealth to build a transnational floating “Sky City of the Future” and is shopping around for technology and for diplomatic recognition. Choose this character to play an eccentric heiress who dreams big.

Pàdraig Mac Íomhair, Scottish Engineering Genius  (Reserved)

He is the brains behind Minerva Wraith’s “sky city.” He is here to scout for talent and look for any useful technology he can beg, borrow or steal to use in his grand project.  Choose this character to play a slightly awkward technical genius.


Tokugawa Yoshiakira, Pretender to the Shogunate of Nippon

This exotic traveler from the mysterious island nation of Nippon has captivated the nobles of Europe with his tragic tale of injustice.  Deprived of his rightful inheritance, Yoshiakira wanders the world looking for the means to return home and take his rightful place as Shogun. Choose this character to roleplay a tragic Bushido warrior.

Stefania, Balkan Woman of Mystery (Reserved)

Stefania is the Mistress and travelling companion of Drago Konstantinov.  She has a mysterious past and a mix of social and arcane skills.  Choose her if you’d like a social character with a few odd tricks.

Ekaterina Ivanovna Obolenskaya, Russian Princess (Reserved)

Choose Ekaterina if you would like to play a highly social character, with some ties to the Russian government, but a few personal objectives as well.

Francesca Droghi, Self-made Italian Shipping Magnate

Choose this character if you’d like to play a wealthy outsider.  Francesca is wealthy and powerful, but has a bit of a chip on her shoulder when it comes to conventional Italian society and the old moneyed elite.

Valentin Alexeevna Malinovskaya, Russian Futurist Poet (Reserved)

Choose Valentiana if you’d like to play a feisty young artistic iconoclast, here to have adventures and cause a sensation, as well as to sample the really excellent local wines.

Claude Chambert, French Futurist Composer

Choose Claude if you’d like to play a character dedicated to integrating music and science whatever the consequences!

Eugene Warrington, British Society Journalist

Choose this character if you’d like to play the role of a reporter covering the lives and stories of the rich and famous.

Ulrich Auerback, German Journalist (Reserved)

Choose this character if you’d like to play the role of a tough, no-nonsense reporter interested in hard-hitting stories and serious investigative reporting, also in chain-smoking and drinking endless glasses of strong, cheap scotch.

Paolo Delonghi, Italian Labor Activist

Choose this character if you would like to portray a fierce champion of the local workers, here looking for some justice in light of injuries suffered during the construction of the tunnel.

Liao Xu, Chinese Inventor and Engineer

Xu is at the expo to show off a new manufacturing process for generating hotaether, and is a bit depressed by how little interest the Europeans have shown.

Konstance Fleischer, Fashion Designer

Choose this role if you’d like to play a cutting-edge figure in fashion, here to show off your positively… luminous… clothing designs…

Jean-Paul Durand, French Diplomat (Reserved)

Choose this role if you’d like to play a member of the cautious old guard, who remembers the Franco-Prussian War, and takes the German threat very seriously indeed, and who is at the Expo to secure French alliances

Loic Blanc, French Colonel (Reserved)

Chose Karine if you’d like to play a member of the younger, cockier French generation, convinced that the French can’t lose a war if they have the backing of Britain, and spoiling for a fight with the boche.

Andrea Carlo Ferrari, Archbishop of Milan

Chose Andrea if you’d like to play a man of the cloth… with a few secrets and problems to complicate his evening at the Expo

Bartholomew Able, English Scientific Arcanist

Bartholomew is at the Expo with his collaborator, Claude Chambert, with whom he has collaborated to make… beautiful music.  Choose him if you’d like to play a ferociously confident member of the new generation of scientific Arcanists.

Jean Jaures, Eminent French Socialist and Pacifist (Reserved)

Choose Jean if you’d like to play the role of an eminent socialist and peace activist, here in an attempt to defuse tensions in Europe, and to prevent a war between the British and Germans.

Gugliemo Marconi, Italian Inventor (Reserved)

Marconi is at the Expo to promote his technologies, and to secure further investment and business.  It’s been years since your latest invention, so you’ll need to rely on social, not mechanical, engineering.

Umberto Cassini, Italian Diplomat

You’re here to represent the interests of the Italian government, but also to keep an eye on the King of Italy, who has been acting a little strangely lately.  Choose this character if you’re up for a mixture of diplomacy and investigation.

His Majesty Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy (Reserved)

Choose this character if you’d like to be the King of Italy (and who wouldn’t, really?), and are up to the challenge of being a bit…eccentric.

Mary Lynch, Irish Agitator (Reserved)

Mary is at the Expo to undermine the British, and to do something, anything, about the strip-mining (not as much fun as it sounds) of her home county.  She’s a tough and clever member of the impoverished Irish nobility.

Patrick Rolens, Famous Designer of Fashion Goggles

You have a unique genius for designing goggles, and a unique genius for marketing them.  You’re in Milan for the fashion, and for the business of fashion.

Simone, World-famous Model

You are a young, lovely, and famous fashion model.  You’re here because, well, this is Milan!  Choose this role if you’d like to be the belle of the ball, and to have a few other tricks up your sleeve as well.

Sebastiano Passagero, Sicilian “businessman” (Reserved)

You’re a bit of a criminal, but from the old Sicilian school, which makes you something like a disreputable noble.  Play this role if you’d like to reconcile an interest in crime with a genuine Italian patriotism.

Claire Heatherstone, Arcane Spokeswoman (Reserved)

You’re the spokeswoman for an umbrella organization representing several groups of traditional arcanists, and you’re here to use your skills at social engineering to shift opinions and win allies.

Olaf the Pirate King, Rogue Airship Captain (semi-retired) (Reserved)

You’ve given up on sky piracy, and you’re in Milan looking to start a new career.  You’re brash, dashing, and the life of the party.