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“Though I Float O’er the Shadowed Earth” Character List (GenCon 2015)

Dramatis Personæ Minerva Rathbone, Mayor of Casablanca (Reserved) Regina Perkins, Minerva’s Right Hand (Reserved) Regina is the quiet but fiercely competent personal assistant/ bodyguard of Minerva Rathbone. And yes, before you ask, there have been several erotic cartoons featuring the two of … [Read more...]

Character List for “Betrayal, Madness, Regret” at GenCon 2015

Dramatis Personae Humphrey van Allen - Male, mid-50s, American He is the architect who assisted Augustus Endicott during the two-decade-long eccentric expansion of his mansion. Maighréad MacCrumb  - Female, mid-30s, Scottish Augustus’ groundskeeper for the last decade. Took over from … [Read more...]