Character List for “Betrayal, Madness, Regret” at GenCon 2015

Dramatis Personae

Humphrey van AllenMale, mid-50s, American

He is the architect who assisted Augustus Endicott during the two-decade-long eccentric expansion of his mansion.

Maighréad MacCrumb  – Female, mid-30s, Scottish

Augustus’ groundskeeper for the last decade. Took over from her father.

Ayita (Endicott)Female, early-40s, Anglo-Cherokee

She appeared out of nowhere with documents purporting to prove she is the daughter of Augustus Endicott.

Elizabeth Blanche Endicott YoungFemale, early-50s, American (Reserved)

Eldest legitimate child of Augustus. A hard-driving businesswoman, she is a VP in Endicott Armaments.

Henry Bradford EndicottMale, late-40s, American

Second child of Augustus Endicott. Unambitious dilettante.

Phillip Endicott YoungMale, early-20s, American

Eldest grandchild of Augustus Endicott, son of Elizabeth Blanche. Spent a lot of time with Augustus during his teens. Studies Engineering at MIT.

Peter Willis Endicott Male, mid-60s, American

The younger brother of Augustus Endicott. Stern and disapproving…of just about anyone or anything.

Iris Octavia EndicottFemale, mid-50s, American (Reserved)

The youngest sibling of Augustus. She has lived a wild and adventurous life as a minor theater producer, spending a great deal of time in Europe.  She is a carefree bon vivant.

Redfield ProctorMale, early-70s, American

The former U.S. Secretary of War and an old friend of Augustus.  He and Augustus had a falling out and haven’t spoken for years.

Cornelius HarshalderMale, late-50s, American

The chairman of Endicott’s holding company, responsible for the success of Endicott’s various companies over the last twenty years.  Wrestled control of the corporation away from Augustus in a shareholder revolt.

Meara O’KeefeFemale, mid-30s, Irish (Reserved)

A sergeant in the Dedham, Massachusetts police department.

Ernest Arthur MarkhamMale, early-50s, American

The CEO of Volcanic Repeating Arms, a rival to Endicott Armaments.

Charity EvansFemale, mid-40s, American

Professor of Applied Physics at MIT and part-time weapons designer for the Endicott Armaments Corporation.

Antonio MartinkaMale, mid-40s, German

He is the proprietor of the notorious, and eponymous, magic shop in New York City.  He is a famous spiritualist and magician.

Penelope Frances Endicott Female, early-30s, American (Reserved)

Augustus’s third and last wife.

Abigail PowersFemale, mid-40s, American

Personal physician to the late Augustus Endicott and several other prominent Boston “Brahmin” families.

Roderick BurnsMale, mid-40s, American  (Reserved)

A notorious Alienist who treats the mental and emotional disorders of wealthy patrons using mesmerism and psychoanalysis.

Horace WilkinsMale, mid-40s, American

The eternally disgruntled neighbor of Augustus Endicott.

Enrico CarusoMale, mid-30s, Italian

World famous tenor. Currently engaged with the New York City Metropolitan Opera.

Earnest EarlsbyMale, early-60s, American (Reserved)

The mayor of Dedham Massachusetts. Amateur occultist and professional conspiracy theorist.