“Though I Float O’er the Shadowed Earth” Character List (GenCon 2015)

Dramatis Personæ

Minerva Rathbone, Mayor of Casablanca (Reserved)

Regina Perkins, Minerva’s Right Hand (Reserved)

Regina is the quiet but fiercely competent personal assistant/ bodyguard of Minerva Rathbone. And yes, before you ask, there have been several erotic cartoons featuring the two of them. Best not speak of it to her though. A supporting role.

Pàdraig Mac Íomhair, Chief Engineer of Casablanca (Reserved)

He is the engineering genius who led the design and construction of the floating city.

Jordan Barsavage, The Captain of Casablanca (Reserved)

In addition to his formal duties, which do include overseeing the city’s flight, he has a number of ceremonial responsibilities, and is as much a politician as a flight crew officer.

Edward Grey, 3rd Baronet of Fallodon, British Foreign Secretary

An active promoter of the Britain’s alliances with France and Italy, he is cynical about the prospects and utility of a League of Nations.

Léon Bourgeois, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of France (Reserved)

A member of the French “Radical Left.” His personal feelings about establishing the League of Nations are at odds with the instructions given him by his Prime Minister.

Countess Pauline Lexa von Aehrenthal, Foreign Minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Clever, witty, and utterly ruthless. Determined to see that any League of Nations charter favors the Austrians and their allies and hinders the British and French.

Count Alexander Petrovich Izvolsky, Foreign Minister of the Russian Empire (Reserved)

The architect of several treaties and alliances, Izvolsky seeks consensus where possible and supports the League of Nations.

Elihu Root, Secretary of State of the United States

Supports the League of Nations in theory, but is concerned about the U.S. getting entangled in European conflicts.

Xiao Jun, Envoy from the Manchu Empire (Reserved)

This Qing dynasty of China is more powerful, independent, and reform-minded than its real-world equivalent. Jun intends to use the League of Nations to reinforce China’s position as a major world power.

Heinrich Leonhard von Tschirschky und Bögendorff, German Minister for Foreign Affairs

The German Reich is secure as the senior partner in the League of Three Emperors. What use is this League of Nations but as a venue for the whinging of lesser nations?

Cozamalotl, Aztec Diplomat and Industrialist

A woman with power and influence, a thing unheard of until recently in the traditionally patriarchal Empire of Aztlan. She didn’t claw her way to the top without leaving a trail of bodies. To the rest of the world, she is the diplomatic face of the modernizing Aztec Empire.

Zebulon Finsterling, Wealthy Socialite (Reserved)

Scion of the family that developed Diamondpane, he is notorious for throwing fantastic and lavish parties in the section of Casablanca called Down Below, but is also known for his shrewd cunning in business affairs.

Ann Morgan, Socialite and Philanthropist

Daughter of J.P. Morgan. Hosts of one of the most influential “salons” of Casablanca high society.

John D. Rockefeller Jr., American Industrialist

Son and heir of the patriarch. Dubious about the League of Nations, dubious about Minerva Rathbone’s leadership of Casablanca. Perfectly confident in his own ability to do better.

Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI, The Nizam of Hyderabad

A dandy with an extravagant lifestyle and a clothing obsession. Hyderabad is the world’s supplier of diamonds at this time and he is massively wealthy from the mineral royalties.

Evelyn Achille de Rothschild, Black Sheep of the Family (Reserved)

Middle son of family patriarch Leopold de Rothschild. Currently serving in the British Army rather than helping run the family banking business.

Natalia Petrovna Razumova, Wealthy Russian Industrialist

The fiercely capable matriarch of a Russian manufacturing family. She is an ardent opponent of the current Russian government.

Liao Chao, Wealthy Chinese Industrialist

He is the stern elder of an emerging Manchu manufacturing dynasty. He was a leading figure during the early days of Chinese industrialization. His decision to “retire” on Casablanca surprised everyone.

Allan Pinkerton II, Chief of the Casablanca Pinkertons (Reserved)

Grandson of the late founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. There aren’t many laws in Casablanca, but he’s in charge of seeing that they’re enforced.

Gerald Munchings, Pinkerton Agent

Gerald is the very capable Pinkerton “quiet man” at this gathering – a supporting role

Mustapha Lellouche, President of the Casablanca Shipping Safety Commission

A French-Algerian with a fearsome reputation and a mysterious past. He runs what amounts to a giant protection racket on all the commerce flowing in and out of the sky city.

Eddie Cook, Famous American Explorer (some say tomb raider) (Reserved)

Eddie Cook has been all over the Near East over the last few years conducting “archaeological digs” for his mysterious patron. Legitimate archaeologists consider him the proverbial “bull in a china shop.”

Louisa McFadden, Captain of the CRS Rose Bullet (Reserved)

Alexander Kazakov, Pilot and First Officer of the CRS Rose Bullet (Reserved)

Sylvia Mishka, Crew Chief of the CRS Rose Bullet

A section chief in the Rose Bullet’s crew, Sylvia has a reputation for reliable engineering work and has wrangled admittance to the gala. A supporting role.

His Royal Highness Luís Filipe,The Prince Royal, Duke of Braganza

Eldest son and heir of King Carlos I of Portugal. His father has struggled to keep Portugal neutral in the affairs of Europe. The King, his father, believes a strong League of Nations will help keep the peace.

Tokugawa Yoshiakira, Pretender to the Shogunate of Nippon

This exotic traveler from the mysterious island nation of Nippon has captivated the nobles of Europe with his tragic tale of injustice. Deprived of his rightful inheritance, Yoshiakira wanders the world looking for the foreign support that would enable him to return home and take his rightful place as Shogun.

Eugene Warrington, British Society Journalist

He is here covering the famous men and women who have converged on Casablanca for the gala, but may have other objectives as well.

Ulrike Auerbach, German Investigative Journalist (Reserved)

A ferociously capable political journalist, she is nominally here to cover the events associated with the formation of the League of Nations, but is also following a second, more disturbing, story.

Jean Jaures, Eminent French Socialist and Pacifist (Reserved)

The preeminent leader of the international socialist movement, he was instrumental in the initial negotiations regarding a League of Nations at the Milan Exposition. He continues to be vocal advocate for the success of the League of Nations as an instrument of world peace.

Simone, World-famous Model

Simone is one of the world’s first truly famous supermodels. She is elegance personified. She is currently on Casablanca for a series of fashion photography jobs, but may well have some other items on her agenda.

Jeffers, Personal Assistant

Jeffers is the diminutive and constantly-harried assistant to Simone. A supporting role.

Henri Becquerel, Nobel Laureate

French arcano-physicist, winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics. Visiting Casablanca for a concurrent scientific symposium.

Roberta Weaver, Collectivist Anarchist (Reserved)

Ferociously clever, and the leader of the City Park movement in Down Below, which has created several green-space common areas in the lower decks. She is quite popular among the lower-class citizens of Casablanca, and has been invited due to her prestige.

Phoebe Stavridas, Traditional Arcanist (Reserved)

A high-ranking member of the ancient Society of Valentinus, she has become something of the public face for traditional Arcanism after featuring prominently in the recent near-disaster off the coast of Iceland.

Percy Whelk-Monitor, Pugilist and Man of Mystery (Reserved)

He is the scion of a wealthy English aristocratic family. He completely disappeared three years ago after an embarrassing defeat in the pit fighting ring, leading his family to declare him dead. His arrival here comes as something of a surprise, and he is a bit of a wild card and enigma.

Edwina Hoskings, Valet

Hoskings is Percy Whelk-monitor’s valet and secretary. A supporting role.

Zoe Konstantinov, Matriarch of Drago’s Devils

The semi-estranged wife of the notorious Greek gangster, Drago Konstantinov. She is the brains behind her husband’s domination of organized crime in Down Below.

Wong Lun, Triad Boss

Ambitious member of the Hong Kong-based Wo Hop To triad, looking to establish a presence on Casablanca, especially on Chinadeck.

“Pirate” Jenny Wallander, Brothel Owner (Reserved)

She is the owner of a very pleasant airship-themed brothel on deck 122, and also current spokesperson for the Brothelkeeper’s Union, a profitable and influential business cartel on Casablanca. She is rather fond of camp, and prone to playing up an airship pirate aesthetic.

Eyasu, Prominent Financier

A prominent financier and a proponent of a creating a cryptocurrency managed through the Babbage Engine network, something Minerva has not agreed to. He is a vocal critic of what he sees as Minerva’s distortions of the what should be free markets on Casablanca.

Diederik Van Der Meer, Chaos Mathematician (Reserved)

A former student of the famous polymath, Henri Poincaré, and a pioneer in the study of deterministic systems. He’s done the math on the floating city of Casablanca and, well, let’s just say he has some questions.

Luna Poisson, Socialite

Luna is the somewhat rebellious daughter of Gerard Poisson, a well-connected and powerful financier. Her presence at this function is a bit of a mystery.

Eleonora Duse, Silent Film Star (Reserved)

Famous on the stage for years before the invention of cinema, she has enthusiastically embraced the new medium and has gained international fame.

Klaus Ebbers, Cinematographer and Photographer (Reserved)

His work is groundbreaking and disturbing, and emphasizes the use of arcane process to capture what he terms “deep light”. This fascination with the arcane began two years ago, when his brother was lost, briefly recovered, and then lost again during strange and ominous events off the coast of Iceland.

Judith Blunt, Programmer (Reserved)

A team leader Casablanca’s Central Engine programming group. She is also the granddaughter of Ada Lovelace, who helped Charles Babbage perfect his original Analytical Engine. Her amazing work in improving the algorithms running on Casablanca’s huge central Babbage Engine has caught the eye of Chief Engineer Mac Íomhair. She has been invited to the gala as his guest.


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