Dramatis personæ for “The Sea, Like Glass”

Reginald – Wealthy British Businessman (Reserved)

Sally – American Socialite  (Reserved)

Abigail – Elderly Sleuth (Reserved)

Yun – Chinese Explorer (Reserved)

Cecily – English Journalist (Reserved)

Sir Henry – British Colonial Administrator  (Reserved)

Gabryell – English Pilgrim

Isabeau – French Spiritualist  (Reserved)

Dragut – Barbary Corsair (Reserved)

Sigrid – Norwegian Arctic Explorer (Reserved)

Horatio – Retired Sea Captain (Reserved)

The Duke – Wanderer and Social Butterfly (Reserved)

Kokovoko – Tattooed Mariner

Halfdan – Norwegian Sailor

Ferdinand – Portuguese Nobleman and Explorer

Isambard – British Engineer and Inventor (Reserved)

Lizzie – Artist’s Model and Socialite

Imogen – Pretty Young British Lucid Dreamer (Reserved)

Dakkar – Indian Scientific Arcanist and Natural Philosopher (Reserved)

Sophia – Weather-beaten Spanish Fisherwoman