Brass & Steel returns to Midwinter Gaming Convention 2017

One again, Pamean Games will be at the Midwinter Gaming Con in January 2017, where we’ll be running both tabletop and LARP Brass & Steel adventures. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


The Jaipur Crisis
Saturday, 14 January  :: 7:00-Midnight

A LARP for 20 Players for Brass & Steel:  A Game of Steampunk Adventure

The Amber Palace, Near Jaipur, Rajputana Agency, British India, March 1907 – The British Agent of the Princely States of central India has just been installed at his magnificent palace on the shore of Lake Maotha near Jaipur.  The event has drawn grandees from across the subcontinent and beyond, including representatives of both the Shah of Persia and the Russian Tsar.  The stately halls of the Amber Palace susurrate with whispers of convention and alignments, revolution and war. Players will represent some of the mightiest powers on Earth, gathered in luxury to play The Great Game.  Colonel Charles Howard, Viscount Morpeth and Agent of Rajputana, finding himself in a role above even his pay grade, will have to be brilliant to avoid being outmaneuvered in his own keep.