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Dramatis personæ for “Fête de Mardis Gras”

Comus, Lord of Misrule (Reserved) For over fifty years, the Mystick Krewe of Comus hold their annual parade and ball during Mardis Gras. A man dressed as the demonic Comus presides over these events every year. His identity is unknown. Telete, Consort of Comus (Reserved) Equally mysterious is the … [Read more...]

Fete de Mardis Gras at GenCon

There are still some tickets available for our big Steampunk Masquerade on Saturday night of GenCon. Fete de Mardis Gras Saturday, 7 August :: 7:00pm-Midnight A LARP for 40 Players for Brass & Steel: A Game of Steampunk Adventure New Orleans is the last French-governed territory in North … [Read more...]