Dramatis personæ for “Fête de Mardis Gras”

Comus, Lord of Misrule (Reserved)

For over fifty years, the Mystick Krewe of Comus hold their annual parade and ball during Mardis Gras. A man dressed as the demonic Comus presides over these events every year. His identity is unknown.

Telete, Consort of Comus (Reserved)

Equally mysterious is the masked woman who appears at the right hand of Comus. It is whispered that the same woman has worn the mask of Telete for many years.

The Honorable George H. Théard, The Captain of Comus (Reserved)

The man chosen to lead the Comus parade and organize the ball is a popular local magistrate.

Rex, King of Carnival (Reserved)

Leader of a rival Krewe, Rex is the antipode to Comus, Law and Order to the Chaos and Anarchy of Comus. He is also masked and anonymous. Every year, Rex and his consort leave their own ball and attend that of Comus.

Queen of Carnival (Reserved)

Rex’s consort – Masked and anonymous as her king. Rumours persist that she is the real power in the Krewe of Rex

Marie Laveau, Vodou Queen of New Orleans (Reserved)

A legend in New Orleans and a champion of the lower classes. Rumoured to be a powerful Arcanist in the tradition of Voudou.

Isabella d’Escathon, Creature of the Night  (Reserved)

A wealthy and eccentric aristocrat who rarely leaves her plantation estate. What draws her to this ball is a mystery.

Maximillian Royale, Underworld Leader (Reserved)

Owner of many businesses dedicated to entertainment and leisure.

Erich Fruhling, Bodyguard (Reserved)

A dapper young man who assists Maximillian – possibly as an aide, possibly as a bodyguard

Zyanya, Aztec Ex-Patriot  (Reserved)

Leader of the Mecatl Society, a group of Aztec exiles and smugglers. She leads a community of outsiders.

Tochtli, Aztec Immigrant (Reserved)

Zyanya’s second in command

Carlo Matranga, Businessman

Leader of the Matranga criminal syndicate, which controls the docks.

Jose de Matos, Consigliere

Carlo Matranga’s right hand.

Abner Baird, Riverboat Captain (Reserved)

Scourge of the Mississippi. His riverboat, the Justice, has a fearsome reputation.

Amadahy Karakhwa, Cherokee Tycoon (Reserved)

Wealthy and powerful industrialist from the Great River Nation. Her business is mostly in cutting-edge technology.

Lenonhkwa, Diplomat

Official envoy from the Great River Nation to the French colony of Louisiana.

Simon Ashe, Diplomat

Consul for the United States in the French colony of Louisiana.

Ira Aten – War Hero and retired Texas Ranger (Reserved)
Cozamalotl – Aztec Noble and Industrialist (Reserved)

A powerful and wealthy aristocrat from the Empire of Aztlan. She is a captain of industry in her home nation. She is in Louisiana on a mission of trade and diplomacy.

Samuel Clemens, Author and Humorist  (Reserved)


Hamish McTaggert, Paranormal Investigator (Reserved)

A visitor from the United States, investigating rumours of paranormal activity in New Orleans.

Sebastian Le Comte, Brothel Keeper (Reserved)

Styles himself a fallen aristocrat, has a reputation for rather unscrupulous business dealings.

Natalia Bakunina – Russian émigré (Reserved)

She manages a very elite brothel/ burlesque art house.

Rosalie Duchamp, Gambler and Wit  (Reserved)

A native of New Orleans, newly returned from travels abroad, including a stint as a combat Arcanist in the Texas Rangers.

Patrick Caruthers, Renaissance Man (Reserved)

Wandering American gambler, adventurer, freelance journalist, amateur physician, naturalist and all-around man of great sophistication.

Septime Baquet, City Councilor

A prominent representative of the Creole aristocracy, advocating independence from France.

Ophelie Guillot, City Councilor

Ophelie is a prominent city councilor, with a strong sense of French nationalism, and a desire for closer ties to the home country.

Bertran de la Croix, Colonial Governor (Reserved)

Bertran is the governor of the colony of Louisiana. Benignly corrupt and a guardian of the status quo. He is occupied with preserving Louisiana’s independence.

Etienne Pinchod, Assistant to the Governor

A young assistant to Governor de la Croix, Etienne is fresh out of the Sorbonne, and brimming with enthusiasm. So. Much. Enthusiasm.

Bernadette du Calais, French Admiral (Reserved)

The ambitious and energetic Vice Admiral of the French-Caribbean fleet.

Paul Capdevielle, Mayor of New Orleans

Tirelessly striving to keep the peace among the many competing factions in the city.

Camilla Hinde, American Financier

Entrepreneur, industrialist, former riverboat captain. Aggressively moving in on the shipping business in New Orleans.

Yseault de Clairvaux, Heiress (Reserved)

Yseault is the last daughter of an American branch of an old French noble family. She is wealthy, both due to inheritance and her ownership of several famous brands of cordial and spirit, and has a reputation as a compassionate businesswoman… and as a bit of an eccentric.

Yuri Nekrasov, Russian Nobleman

A young aristocrat on a world tour.

Jean Pierre Clément Marie, Duke of Guise

Visiting French noble, if the French still had nobles. He is the head of a cadet branch of the defunct Bourbon dynasty.

Duval Hollande, Artist (Reserved)

Duval is a painter and sculptor, here at the behest of his patron. He has a reputation for serious devotion to art and his rejection of typical “Bohemian” ways.

Wilhelmina “Wil” Sweatman, Composer and Band Leader (Reserved)

Became the youngest orchestra leader in the U.S. in 1901. He has gained nationwide fame via phonographic recordings of his ragtime compositions.

Joss Renton, Gator Boy

Joss is a young lad from Alabama, whose skin is thick and leathery and greenish, and who has visible fangs and other odd characteristics, and is part of a travelling show. He is here as part of the entertainment, perhaps?

Istvan Somogyi, Hungarian Wolf-man (Reserved)

Istvan has a decidedly werewolfy feel, and makes a living as a part of a travelling circus. He is eminently cultured and literate, despite his rather alarming appearance.

Katerina Vogel, Inventor (Reserved)

A whimsical German inventor, she has tremendous mechanical skill, a good deal of personal charisma, and a reputation as the leading creator of automata to perform in burlesque and variety shows.

E. A. Wallis Budge, Student of the Bizarre (Reserved)

Master linguist and noted expert on ancient Assyria.


  1. I’d like to play Sebastian Le Comte, Brothel Keeper, please.

  2. Bunny VanDoren says:

    Hi! I’d like to play Natalia Bakunina.

  3. Lesley Carhart says:

    Hello friends! I would like to play Yseault de Clairvaux, please!

  4. Roana Isenholt says:

    I would like to play Zyanya, Aztec Ex-Patriot, please.

    • Ken Vinson says:

      Thank you. It is so hard to get people to play our Aztec characters. 🙂

      • Roana Isenholt says:

        Got a picture that I should be aiming for??

        • Ken Vinson says:

          In our world, the Aztecs fit into the same mold as the Japanese of the period. That is, they are a rapidly modernizing and industrializing society that is nevertheless holding on to a number of cultural traditions. This means you have a great deal of flexibility in how you want to costume. You could do western clothing but with some Aztec-inspired accessories. An obsidian-bladed knife (not easy to come by), jewelry, some face paint, elaborate hair piece with some feathers.

          Or you could come dressed entirely in Western fashion and it would still be entirely appropriate.

  5. Max Isenholt says:

    I’d like to play Bertran de la Croix, please.

  6. Michael Yarnell says:

    Samuel Clemens? Samuel Clemens! I better practice more dry wit!

    • Michael Yarnell says:

      That is to say that I’d be delighted to attend this event as Mr. Clemens, and would like to reserve him. Mr. Clemens may have his own reservations, but he chooses not to express them until the evening of the event.

  7. CJ Miller says:

    Duval Hollande, please?

  8. Johnny Xmas says:

    Maximillian Royale, s’il vous plaît

  9. John Downing says:

    I’d like

    Patrick Caruthers, Renaissance Man

  10. What year is it?

  11. Joseph Adlesick says:

    The Honorable George H. Théard, The Captain of Comus please.

  12. Ralph Scotese says:

    I would like to undertake Istvan Somogyl. Thanks.