About us

Pamean Games was formally founded in 2011, although work on Brass & Steel began almost a year earlier. The three founding members share a lifelong interest in gaming. Their specialized professional skills in finance, science, and history have proven surprisingly helpful in designing a role-playing game. After years of playing games they decided that it was time to create a game of their own. They have tried to make a game that they would want to play, and hope that you’ll come to love it as well. They opted to work on a steampunk game partially because they are or know big giant costume nerds. They also share an abiding fascination with the fin-de-siecle period in European history, although their specific interests range from English country life to the fiery revolutionary underground. They also think that goggles are sexy. They often write about themselves using the third person, which makes banking surprisingly difficult.

Pamean Games is based out of the Midwest, primarily Madison WI. The members of Pamean Games do all have day jobs, but are planning to attend conventions and other local events as time permits. If you would be interested in having us at your event, please contact any one of us, and we will do our best to accomodate you.


Please direct all inquiries to  info[at]pameangames.com