Midwinter Gaming Convention 2014

Below are the scenario descriptions for our events at the upcoming Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, WI. We hope to see some of you there. Circle of the Silver Crescent A Brass & Steel Scenario for six players (Friday Afternoon) For centuries the Circle of the Silver Crescent has … [Read more...]

Join us at Gamehole Con

Four sessions of Brass & Steel will be running at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI this weekend. Two on Friday, Nov 1 at 1:00 and two on Sunday, Nov 3 at 1:00. Join us! … [Read more...]

GenCon Registration starts tomorrow!

GenCon registration begins tomorrow. Last year Brass & Steel events sold out with some alacrity, so don't delay if you want to get in on the only steampunk LARPs at GenCon. We've also got a stellar bunch of tabletop sessions planned for those who prefer their steampunk sitting down. … [Read more...]

On This Day – 13 May 1905

Mata Hari debuts in Paris - Exotic dancer Mata Hari wows audiences with her performance at the Musée Guimet in Paris, France.  Mata Hari is reputed to be a Java princess of priestly Hindu birth from the Dutch East Indies, and to have been immersed in the art of sacred Indian dance since childhood. … [Read more...]

GenCon event update

We've had a report of weirdness with the GenCon event listings, so here is a list of our event names and times. LRP1344031 The Beaumont Peace Conference LARP Thursday 1:00 PM 4 hrs $4 20 players RPG1344022 Secrets of El-Kharga Thursday 1:00 PM 4 hrs $4 6 players RPG1344010 The Camden … [Read more...]

On This Day – 2 May 1906

The London Times - Officials speaking on behalf of the Royal Navy today had the grim duty of informing the public about a naval tragedy. The HMS Phoenix, a sloop on loan to the Royal Geographical Society, was reported lost off the coast of Iceland around noon on April the 24th. The vessel had been … [Read more...]