Dispatch from “Fire in the Long Night”

The following was written by player Frank Beres as a dispatch from the point of view of his journalist character in the upcoming "Fire in the Long Night" event at GenCon. … [Read more...]

GenCon Registration starts tomorrow!

GenCon registration begins tomorrow. Last year Brass & Steel events sold out with some alacrity, so don't delay if you want to get in on the only steampunk LARPs at GenCon. We've also got a stellar bunch of tabletop sessions planned for those who prefer their steampunk sitting down. … [Read more...]

GenCon event update

We've had a report of weirdness with the GenCon event listings, so here is a list of our event names and times. LRP1344031 The Beaumont Peace Conference LARP Thursday 1:00 PM 4 hrs $4 20 players RPG1344022 Secrets of El-Kharga Thursday 1:00 PM 4 hrs $4 6 players RPG1344010 The Camden … [Read more...]

“Mallet” for the masses

Just shy of 4,000 copies of "The Case of the Croquet Mallet" quickstart and adventure book have been downloaded in the past few days as part of DriveThruRPG's Tabletop Day bundle. It is only mildly ironic that the adventure in the quickstart is, in fact, a LARP. That's okay because in the not too … [Read more...]