Brass & Steel GenCon Diary Part Two

So, here we are already on Friday night and halfway through GenCon.  It's been a busy couple days but I'll sum up. … [Continue reading]

Developer Diary 2: Night in Berlin

This is Greg (occasionally known as the Insidious Dr. Narwhal). I've settled in at Stately Pamean Manor v. 2 (the house we've rented for the week), and I'm mulling over the games that I'll be running for the weekend. As always, I'm excited to see … [Continue reading]

Brass & Steel GenCon Diary Part One

Part 1: The pre-show jitters We are five days out from GenCon and this is the point where the butterflies are vying with the excitement for precedence in my subconscious.  This is our third year running Brass & Steel events at GenCon and our … [Continue reading]

Dispatch from “Fire in the Long Night”

The following was written by player Frank Beres as a dispatch from the point of view of his journalist character in the upcoming "Fire in the Long Night" event at GenCon. … [Continue reading]

“Fire in the Long Night” Character List

Event Summary Journey aboard the SS Ariadne, a marvelous private airship owned by Thomas Edison, to investigate a strange new volcano erupting off the coast of Iceland. Arcane mysteries and secret plots abound. A new volcano has just begun to … [Continue reading]

Character List for “The Beaumont Peace Conference”

Event Summary Six months ago a squad of Texas Rangers discovered an Aztec invasion force on the western Texas frontier and escaped to get word to Austin. Given time to mobilize, the military of the Republic of Texas has held the Aztecs at the … [Continue reading]