B&S: The Clockwork Defector

Clockwork_Book_v1_coverBrass & Steel: A Game of Steampunk Adventure
A Penny Dreadful Adventure Book
The Clockwork Defector


A brilliant German scientist has slipped his minders and is en route to Constantinople. Can your team of British agents keep the defector safe against German agents, mad scientists, and more?

An operative of the War Office’s newly constituted intelligence service, working in British-occupied Constantinople, has just received an encrypted cable from London containing rather startling news and instructions. An extremely high level scientist in the German military research apparatus has made known his intent to defect. The scientist has somehow slipped his minders during a scheduled rest at a resort in the Bavarian Alps and is at this moment en route to Constantinople via airship. The orders are to drop everything, and assemble a team of local agents to meet the scientist at the smugglers airfield outside the city and keep him safe until transport to the UK is arranged. Complicating matters is the fact that Special Branch has somehow found about this matter and insists on having some of their constables involved

The Clockwork Defector is a Penny Dreadful adventure for Brass & Steel: A Game of Steampunk Adventure.  It can be played as a stand-alone scenario with pre-generated characters or integrated into an ongoing campaign.  The scenario is appropriate for characters of all experience levels.